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Safety at School

Drop off and Collection from School

Our main doors are open from 8.40am and children have access to their cloakrooms to prepare for the day.  The doors close at 8.47am for the session to start at 8.50am. The doors are opened at 8.40am to ensure the children are not stood outside in the bad weather and to ease the congestion into school, however, as school does not officially start until 8.50am the children are not required to be on site before 8.40am. 

We ask that children do not come onto the playground before 8.40am as there are no staff supervising prior to this time and the children are still the responsibility of the parents.

Once the main doors are closed at 8.47am the children should come to the office. If this is before 8.50am they are not officially late into school but will still need their name recording due to safety reasons.

School finishes at 3.30pm and the children are only allowed to be collected from school by an approved adult that is on the child's contact list. If another adult is collecting a child from school, this must be agreed with the school in advance and confirmed with written confirmation from parents/carers. 

Children in Foundation Stage, Y1 and Y2 are handed over to an approved adult. Pupils in Y3-6 are allowed to walk home, and do not have to be handed over, however this should be arranged with yourself and your child in advance. Please ensure your child knows that if no-one is there to collect them they should always come back into school and speak with a member of staff who will contact parents/carers. 

We follow the Local Authority recommendation that primary age pupils may only be collected by responsible people aged 16 years and over. 

Adverse Weather Procedure



All visitors to the school are requested to report to the office first. If a visitor/parent is working in school they are required to register at the school office and wear a visitor's badge so that staff and children can identify them as bona fide adults on site.


Bicycles, Scooters, rollerskates etc. are not permitted to be used on the school site or down the pathways towards Gillshill, Cavendish and Ings road by children or adults. This includes any older siblings collecting. 

Car Park

Due to limitations of space in the car park we share with Gillshill Primary, and for the safety of the children from both schools, no parent/carers vehicles are allowed into the car park at any time. Special arrangements are made for those parents whose children attend our extended schools facilities. Special permission to use the car park for dropping off and collecting children may be given to Blue Badge holders. Please note, the car park gates are locked from 8.35am - 8.50am and 3.30pm - 3.45pm, daily, to ensure safety of parents and children. 

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