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Welcome to Year 6

We are now about halfway through the school year and the children have been working hard to improve their Maths and English skills in preparation for the Key Stage 2 SATs, which start on Monday 14th May.  We have also really enjoyed learning about the Maya civilisation recently.


In Geography this term, we are carrying out independent studies into some of Europe’s capital cities, including: Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Zagreb and Vienna.  We will be planning a family holiday, using our Maths skills to calculate budgets and timetables.  We will also be comparing the physical and human geographical features of the city with Hull. 



A laptop has been stolen!  We have already started our investigations into who carried out this terrible crime.  By using our scientific knowledge, we are hoping to eliminate one suspect a week until we are left with the perpetrator.  All our investigations are based around light – how it travels, how it reflects and refracts, how light allows us to see objects and different colours.  Don’t worry – when Year 6 are involved, the case will be solved!

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