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Welcome to Year 5

During the Spring Term, Year 5 has been learning about World War 2 and the impact of World War 2 on Hull. We would like to share some of the learning experiences in which the children have participated in order to develop their knowledge and understanding of this period in our history.

It all began when the air raid siren sounded and the children had to run for cover under the tables in the classroom. The siren could sound at any time and the children had to be prepared at all times!


The children have discovered what rationing means and the how this affected the lives of the people who lived during World War 2. In November 2017, some of the children planted some vegetables (turnip and red cabbage) in our polytunnel to prepare for these lessons. Following the efforts of these children, who gave up their lunchtimes to water and weed the vegetables, we produced a very successful crop which was then used to make World War 2 soup!

The children learnt that, during World War 2, the population was encouraged to ‘Dig for Britain’ so many people started growing their own produce. The children saw how fresh vegetables, grown at home, could be made into a delicious, nutritious soup!

Digging up brocolliIMG_0999DSC00760
DSC00762DSC00765Making soup(1)
IMG_1002DSC00763making soup 2

The children have also carried out independent research to learn more about the Blitz in London and in Hull. They have enjoyed working on the production of the Year 5 assembly and they are very much looking forward to their trip to Eden Camp.

Throughout this theme, the children have shown enthusiasm and enjoyment during their lessons and it has been a privilege for the teachers to share this love of learning. Well done Year 5!

Year 5 assembly

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