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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, the children have had a brilliant start to the year. We have been learning all about Roman Numerals and rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. We are putting a lot of energy into improving our reading and comprehension work. 


Year 4 have been working on food miles in Geography. The children had to locate countries where things have been produced and then calculate how many kilometres the food has to travel before it reaches the UK.

The pupils used atlases and their mathematical skills to calculate the distances and worked very well together to achieve their learning objective.


Stone Age Work

Using inspiration from our work on the Stone Age, 4B researched cave paintings and used used what they had learnt to create their own calendar cave paintings. Firstly, the children used different materials to make the paper feel like a stone wall. After this, they used charcoal to create cave drawings.


In Science, we have been learning about the digestive system. Using different objects, the children created the digestive system using the most appropriate objects, such as polo mints for the teeth and a balloon for the stomach. The children had great fun and remembered lots of body parts learning about the body in this way.


In PHSE, the children worked on some role play activities using drama and role-play. The children discussed what being kind meant and how people can be unkind and how to be kind.

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