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Welcome to Year 3


In year 3, we are excited about our new theme about Volcanoes. Here are some of our posters that we created for homework in preparation for this half term.


This term, the children have been working hard in their Science lessons.  We have been investigating forces and designed an experiment to consider how surfaces affect the distance travelled by a toy car.  The practical work included lots of maths as the children had to measure accurately with a metre stick, tabulate the information and then draw a graph to help us to analyse our results, (as you can imagine, as Maths Lead,  Mrs Davis loves it when the children can apply their maths skills in other areas of the curriculum!)

Art/Design & Technology

The children also designed and made a bag as part of their Art / Design and Technology.  To begin the topic, the children looked at and evaluated various bag designs.  Next, they looked at patterns and made their own from 2D nets (more maths skills were involved here!).   Next, the hard work really began as the children had to practise a variety of stitches including running stitch and cross stitch and they also had to learn how to thread needles, (no easy feat!!).  The children and staff worked very hard and as you can see by the pictures, the results were impressive.

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