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Follow us on our car making journey!

With... Reece, Darcey, Millie, Erin, Isobelle, Stan, Jack, Ethan, Stanley, Leo, Reece and Mr Collard

Their journey started last year when Mr Collard took a team of entrepreneurs to pitch to a Dragons Den at the University of Hull to try and win some money towards a Greenpower Electric Car. Unfortunately, they didn't come 1st! However, they did win some funding to which the school further subsidised and they were given the fantastic opportunity to learn about building cars.  

Watch this space and follow our journey to building this fantastic car! 

Week 1

Reece and Erin decided to tell us what happened this week... 

In Year 6, some people were chosen to make a green-powered car. First, we had to make the chassis, which looked complicated on the sheet, but when we got to put it all together, it actually wasn’t that hard.

When we first started building the car, we all had to work together as a team to make the chassis. The tools that we used were Allen keys and bolts. The tubes we used were made out of aluminium, which means they are light.  Hopefully this will let our car move faster.

We all enjoyed making it and putting the car together.

Week 2

Isobelle and Darcey kept us up to date...

In our second week, we split into three groups; each group did different things. Our group had to work on the axle, at the front of the car. One of the groups worked on the steering wheel. The steering wheel is the same as a bike or scooter’s handlebars.

This week, we used a socket set to tighten the bolts.  

We enjoyed assembling the car although it was difficult when we tried to find all the bolts and the other parts that we needed.

Week 3

By Reece and Leo...

This week, we made the rear axle - it was very complicated as we had to do it in two parts. We had to take it apart as we forgot to put a part on, which was annoying. We started with the disc brake (they make the car stop). Next we had to put on the pulley that connects to the engine to make the wheels spin. Mr Norman (the caretaker) had to use his hammer to put some of the parts in as we could not do it by hand. It is now on four wheels so we don’t all have to grab an end of the car to move it around.

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