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Special Days


Maths Day 2021

For our Maths Day celebrations this year we focused on problem solving and the work of Piet Mondrian. Our work was created at home and school due to the National Lockdown, meaning we had a mixture of Remote and School Learning. I am sure you will agree everyone produced fabulous work and I was very proud of everyone and the completed maths work. 

Why an artist? Look at the picture below – what maths can you see within it?

We found angles and different types of lines. Mondrian’s work consists of quadrilaterals too!


Can you name the different types of lines, angles and quadrilaterals?


During the day, we created our own pieces of Artwork in the style of Mondrian – come and take a look. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed creating them.




The answer is 10.

The questions could be?

Faye came up with the following solutions:


Georgia came up with the following solutions:

Isabelle came up with the following solutions:

Judah came up with the following solutions:


Judah also created some word problems for us to solve.

Sonic had 20 gold rings. He gave 10 to Tails. How many did he have left?

Sonic had 10 gold rings left.

Shadow had 30 red stars. He gave 20 to Sonic. How many did Shadow have?

Shadow had 10 red stars left.

Tails had 60 pairs of goggles. He gave 10 pairs to Sonic then he gave 30 pairs to Aimee. He also gave 5 to Shadow and 5 to Knuckles. How many pairs did Tails have left?

Tails had 10 pairs left.