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Cavendish Primary School

Outdoor Learning

At Cavendish Primary School, we are blessed with large expanses of land on our grounds. Children are able to add depth, fascination and understanding through the use of the outdoor environments to enrich the curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to make use of the spaces when possible, in the learning of the children. Throughout the year, children regularly access the outdoor learning spaces, learning about the world around them and building a lifelong interest in the world around them.

Outdoor Learning Policy

What is Outdoor learning?

Outdoor learning is not merely the act of learning outdoors: it is a practical and considered approach that understands that kinaesthetic learning is as important as other forms of learning. Children undertake learning outdoors to complement their classroom learning. Outdoor learning includes, but is not limited to, the following: PE, learning through play, historical re-enactment, drama, sports days, fieldwork skills in geography, application of theoretical skills such as measurements, angles or direction to the world around us, growth and care of plants, exploration of English, Science and Theme topics through the natural world and many other areas.

What do we offer?

Cavendish Primary School has a wide range of areas around our school site. 

1) The Main Playground.

2) The Large Field.

3) The Forest Trail Area.

4) The Allotment.

5) Year 1 and Foundation Play Areas.

6) The Quad Playground.

7) The Gardening Area.

8) The Small Field.

Each of these areas offers something special to children that will leave them with an endless fascination for the great outdoors.

1: The Main Playground

The main playground is used at a break and lunchtime for play by children. It is also used for some PE lessons and a variety of other learning activities. There is also some play equipment contained within a fenced area that year groups can access in alternating provision. There is also a smaller grass area next to the school with some seating that children can access.

2: The Large Field

Sports day, PE during dry weather and some lessons take place on this field. The field is very large and features football posts and a pitch as well as an even larger open area. During the summer months, many classes can access this area at once without impediment. The field also contains an apple tree with edible apples. This is also where we hold our annual Summer Fair.

3: The Forest Trail

The trail is often used as part of learning as it features benches to enable children to write, large amounts of trees, insects, animals, plants and general foliage. It is conducive to many geography, science and even storytelling lessons.

4: The Allotment

Situated between the large field and the main playground, the allotments contains boxed-planting areas and recycled tires, used as planters. A variety of root vegetables are grown throughout the year, which allows children to learn about where their food comes from and how this process takes place.

5: Year 1 and Foundation Play Areas

Often used throughout the day as part of outdoor learning, the children in EYFS and year 1 are able to access lots of opportunities to learn about the world around them by using the outdoor space. There is play equipment in both areas, as well as some planters and even a bug hotel in the year 1 area.

6: The Quad Playground

The Quad is a small playground which is used at breaktime and lunchtime by year 2. It features some seating areas as well as grassy and concrete areas to play. It has been used for events as well, such as when a teddy-bear picnic was held with both parents and pupils to engage children in their class story.

7: The Gardening Area

The gardening area is an excellent resource which is maintained throughout the year by the gardening club. There are trees, planters, compost bins (maintained by the gardening club) and a large storage area with a variety of tools and work spaces. Flowers in the area are labelled which allows for their use in a variety of scientific investigations.

8: The Small Field

The smaller field allows for extra space, enabling even more classes to make use of the outdoors during good weather. The area features a field, a concrete walkway around the sides, bushes and forested areas. The area is home to many animals as there is a food source in some berry and fruit trees.