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Writing at Cavendish Primary School

How We Teach writing

Writing Aims

Teaching children to read is one of the most important aspects of every child’s learning.

Children need to be taught the knowledge and skills to become confident and effective readers, so that they can read for both pleasure and information.

We want the children in our school to

  • Display fluency in the basics of Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Handwriting
  • Understand how structure and vocabulary is used for a purpose
  • Edit and improve their own writing
  • Love the process of creating through words and have the stamina to do so.

Writing Skills:

To ensure that there is a consistency with which pupils are progressing, all primary classes follow a consistent writing sequence:

Familiarisation - Pupils focus on a key text of genre model text in order to generate discussion. These are used to identify the features, grammar, punctuation and language that may be used within this style of writing.

Development - At this stage specific genre relevant grammar and punctuation elements can be practised. Relevant vocabulary can also be collected and discussed. 

Planning – Age-appropriate planning structures are used to plan out an extended piece of writing linked to the focus genre but including the pupil’s ideas and including examples of the ‘developed’ skill or knowledge. 

Draft - The pupils use the planning structure to complete an initial draft of their own piece of writing. need to draft their piece of writing using their notes from the plan. 

Edit and Improve – Pupils use a purple pen to make improvements to their initial text linked to the key learning outcomes for that piece or on-going targets for their writing.

How teachers support children to develop their writing

  • Expose children to high level texts covering a range of genres and authors.
  • Provide opportunities for children to analyse ‘the tools’ that authors use to create high quality texts.
  • Develop language through reading and make links to writing.
  • Continuously make links between reading and writing.
  • Ensure that children recognise the importance that planning, revising and editing play in creating quality writing.

KS2 Writing Mastery

We aim for all children to achieve mastery in their writing skills and this means that a child is to demonstrate the following:

  • Children are actively engaged in their writing – they can talk about their writing and the writing process and can identify their own targets to develop their writing to a higher level.
  • Children can read their writing through and identify how to improve it through editing and revising.
  • Children use the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in grammar, punctuation and reading lessons in their writing.
  • Children plan effectively to develop their ideas and then use their plan to write appropriately.
  • Children apply all their writing skills consistently across the curriculum.
  • Children constantly strive to improve the quality of their writing.
  • Children are willing to take risks with new ideas (e.g. punctuation, language, text and sentence structure) to develop their writing.
  • Children are able to write at length independently.

How teachers facilitate the children being able to be masters of their own learning in writing

  • Provide opportunities for discussion about writing skills and the writing process.
  • Provide children with opportunities to write independently at length across the curriculum.
  • Create a learning environment that encourages risk-taking to develop writing.
  • Provide sufficient time for children to edit and revise their writing independently before teacher marking.
  • Provide opportunities for peer assessment.
  • Plan for discussion between children and adults on how writing can be improved.

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