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The science curriculum aims to provide children with subject knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific fields of biology, chemistry and physics. Children develop their knowledge and understanding of these subjects through five main types of scientific inquiry: research, observations over time; identifying, classifying and grouping; pattern seeking and comparative and fair testing. The science curriculum enables children to build their understanding of the world around them; to question ideas and to test scientific theories.

Science is taught in the Early Years Foundation Stage according to the guidance set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, 2019. It is incorporated in one of the three specific areas within ‘Understanding the World’ in which pupils are given opportunities to ‘explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment’.

In Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, children follow a programme of units according to the National Curriculum 2014. Each unit builds on previous learning to ensure a clear progression of knowledge and skills. Alongside the objectives for each unit, children are taught key skills in working scientifically.

Pupils in Key Stage One use different types of scientific enquiry to answer their own questions, including observing changes over a period of time, pattern seeking, grouping and classifying things, and carrying out simple comparative tests. In Key Stage Two, pupils consider more abstract ideas and how these ideas help them to understand and predict how the world operates. Children draw conclusions based on their data and observations, use evidence to justify their ideas, and use their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain their findings.

Alongside the school based provision for Science, pupils have the opportunity to participate in science based extra-curriculum activities to support their development of key skills and knowledge. Celebration of British Science Week is one of the key dates in our calendar and all pupils participate in a STEM Learning Day during each school term.

Cavendish Science Policy, Curriculum Statement, Long Term Plan & Progression Documents

Cavendish Science Policy

Cavendish Science Curriculum Statement

Science Long Term Plan

Science Progression Objectives for KS1

Science Progression Objectives for Y3 & 4

Science Progression Objectives for Y5 & 6