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Cavendish Primary School

Design Technology

What We Teach

Here at Cavendish we have created a Design and Technology curriculum which has the 6 strands of DT at the core, allowing children to be taught as well as explore and experiment with different skills. We believe our curriculum is reflective of our own children, taking into consideration of the world our children live in, taking inspiration from our locality.

Our curriculum is designed in a way that encourages our children to be critical thinkers, who are continuously evaluating products, designs and ideas throughout the whole project. This will in turn inspire children to take risks and become imaginative with their designs and manufacture.

The skills at the heart of our curriculum ensure that we are creating a practical curriculum which is creative and imaginative and that allows our children to solve real life and relevant problems, with a clear focus on technological language.

Our curriculum has cross-curricular links especially within Maths, Art, Science and Computing aiding our children to have a broad and balanced DT knowledge.



How We Teach It

At Cavendish we follow the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ approach to the teaching of DT, as outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study document. The technical skills which we teach encompass the following areas: Construction, Mechanisms, Textiles and Food and Nutrition. We feel that the teaching of Food and Nutrition is a great importance and holds great relevance in current times. For this reason, children will study a Food and Nutrition unit every year. Additionally, a Construction unit will be covered, along with either a Mechanisms or Textiles unit (as outlined in the Whole School Overview document).

During DT sessions, children are encouraged to be inquisitive about the way products work. We encourage both asking and answering questions in order to deepen children’s understanding of product and product design. They will be encouraged to draw detailed designs and make prototypes in order to refine their designs before creating their final piece. Whilst making their products, staff will guide them through the technical skills they will require, modelling good practice and highlighting safety considerations with the children. Through the evaluation stage of our ‘Plan, Make, Evaluate’ approach, children are encouraged to reflect upon their final products, considering how they could have altered their design or techniques to impact the overall appearance and usability of their product.

Design Technology Policy, Curriculum Statement, Long Term Plan and Progression Documents:

Design Technology Policy

Design Technology Curriculum Statement

Design Technology Long Term Plan

KS1 DT Curriculum Progression

KS2 3&4 DT Curriculum Progression

KS2 5&6 DT Curriculum Progression

Events And Visitors

This year we are looking forward to working with ‘Ladies in Pigs’ who will visit us when permitted and deliver cookery lessons and activities, cooking from fresh produce across the whole school.